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Kosmoi Conference 21-23 October 2019
Good – Better – Best: Asceticism and the Ways to Perfection

Programme (draft)
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21 October

13.15-13.30    Welcome
13.30-14.30    N. Balbir (Paris), Jainism
15.30-16.00    Break
16.00-17.00    Offered papers (2)
17.00-18.00    B. Wernicke Olesen (Oxford), Hinduism
18.00-19.00     X. Zeiler (Helsinki), Re-negotiating Asceticism as a Means for Perfecting the Female Self: Hindu Widows’ Asceticism in Classical Texts and Contemporary Media
19.30               Dinner

22 October

09.00-10.00     D. O’Meara (Fribourg), Ascetic Practices in Greco-Roman Philosophical Tradition
10.00-11.00     B. Bitton Ashkelony (HU Jerusalem), Early Christian Monastic Tradition
11.00-11.30     Break
11.30-13.00     Offered papers (3)
13.00               Lunch
14.30-16.30     Offered papers (4)
16.30-17.00     Break
17.00-18.00     I. Rosen Zvi (Tel Aviv), Rabbinic Asceticism. The Case of the Struggle with Yetzer Hara (Evil Inclination)
18.00-19.00     M. Bjerregaard Mortensen (Copenhagen), Ascetic Traditions and Practices according to the Qu’ran
19.30               Dinner

23 October

09.00-10.00     R. Faesen (Leuven), Medieval Christian Mysticism
10.00-11.00     P.B. Koch (Hamburg), Asceticism and perfection in Sixteenth-Century Jewish Mysticism
11.00-11.30     Break
11.30-13.00     Offered papers (3)
13.00               Lunch
14.30-16.00     Offered papers (3)
16.00-16.30     Break
16.30-17.30     D.-O. Hurel (Paris), Ascétisme et perfection dans les commentaires de la Règle de Saint Benoit aux xvie et xviie siècle (Vannistes, Mauristes, réforme de Rancé et Clunisiens)
17.30-18.30     H. Schwall (Leuven), Fighting the other to find the Other? V. Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and A. Burn’s Milkman
18.30-18.45     Conclusion
19.30               Dinner