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In 2016 the annual conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions will be held by the Finnish Society for the Study of Religion at the University of Helsinki from 28 June – 1 July 2016. The theme of the conference is "Relocating Religion" and is also a special conference of the IAHR. For more information go here.

Royal Academy  for Overseas Sciences - International Conference



29 January 2016

(Palais des Académies, Albert II room)



9:30 : registration

10:00 : Christian Sturtewagen (member Academy, emer. prof. Universitaire Faculteit voor Protestantse Godgeleerdheid, Brussels): Welcome Address

Chair :Bart Dessein (member Academy, prof. Universiteit Gent)

10:10 : Martin Lehnert (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich): Imperial Self-Description and Self-Ascertainment: Buddhist Ritual Services in Late Medieval China

10:30 : Aike Rots (University College Cork, Ireland): Reclaiming Public Space: Shinto and Politics in Japan Today

10:50 : Discussion

11:10 : Coffee break

Chair : Geert Vervaeke (member Academy, prof. KU Leuven)

11:40 : Peter Schwieger (University of Bonn): Religion and Politics in Pre-Modern Tibet

12:00 : Emmanuel Francis (CNRS): La royauté selon les rois (Inde)

12:20 : Discussion

12:40 : Lunch


Chair : Xavier Luffin (member Academy, prof. Université Libre de Bruxelles)

14:00 : Louis Gabaude (émér. Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient, Paris): Les mésaventures de l’expression politique du bouddhisme en Thaïlande

14:20 : Christoph K. Neumann (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich): “Kadimden” ─ A Notion of Truth Turning into Legal Claims (Ottoman Empire)

14:40 : Discussion

15:00 : Coffee break

Chair : Urbain Vermeulen (member Academy, emer. buitengewoon hoogleraar Universiteit Gent)

15:30 : Bernadette Martel-Thoumian (Université Pierre Mendès France – Grenoble 2): Itinéraires chiites: pouvoir politique et religion dans le Dar al-Islam médiéval

15:50 : Gino Schallenbergh (member Academy, KU Leuven): Contenders for “Wisdom” in Contemporary Sunni Islam

16:10 : Discussion

16:30 : Bart Dessein (member Academy, prof. Universiteit Gent) : Conclusions

16:45 : Reception


Conference fee : 15 €, to be paid by bank transfer by 15 January 2016

(Account number : BE21 6791 0321 8003, BIC PCHQBEBB)

Your registration will be confirmed on payment receipt

 Registration & Information :